How does EasyWakeup work?

How often do you wake up in the morning feeling tired? How often do you have to drag yourself out of a deep sleep to the sound of your annoying alarm clock? How often do you actually wake up feeling fully awake, alert and ready for your day? Since you're here, the answer to these questions is probably not often.

The reason is that if you are in a heavy phase of sleep, you will wake up feeling sleepy and unrested. If you wake up when lighter phase of sleep is starting or finishing then you will be alert and ready to begin your day. For a normal eight-hour night, the average adult has 4-6 cycles of sleep. Every cycle continues 90-110 minutes (it is an individual parameter) and consists of two phases: a phase of deep sleep and a phase of light sleep, also known as the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, the phase where most of your dreams occur.

Scientists have found that when someone is changing phases (from light to deep or vice versa) small micromotions occur. Thanks to a special sensor (aka an accelerometer) in the iPhone and iPod Touch, our new smart alarm clock EasyWakeup wakes you when your body is changing from one sleep phase to another.
Place your device on a surface near you (e.g. under sheet) and app will detect the best time to wake you up.