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Class Alarm Clock Smart alarm clocks
Name Best Alarm Clock EasyWakeup
EasyWakeup PRO
Alarm features
Smart alarm features1  
Movement graphs    
Volume control2  
Customizable fade-in
time (3sec-8min)
Warranty of awakening
Dream diary3  
Countdown mode  
Random iPod melody mode  
Any old device supported
(iOS 3.1+)
Price $2.99
Your save  67% 50% 30%
1 - A smart algorithm that detects the optimum time to awaken you. It detects your night movements via mattress vibration employing a more sensitive accelerometer setting. Just place your iPhone/iPod Touch on a surface (mattress) near you.
2 - No more need to set volume. Alarm clock increases volume automatically.
3- Notes, mood tracker. An opportunity to set a time of real awaken if it differs from planned time. For statistics.