• Do you have trouble waking up in the mornings?
  • Do you often oversleep?
  • Would you like to become the master of your sleeping patterns?
  • Are you ready to break your bad habits, and exchange them for a new, healthier lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to think differently? ;)

Then, EasyWakeup is the program for you!

It is believed that success comes
to those who get up early.
No, success comes to those
who get up in a good mood.
—Marcel Achard

You will awake feeling refreshed, energized and ready for your day!

EasyWakeup uses a motion detector (accelerometer) in order to detect the best time to wake you up.

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Save your money!

There are other devices that serve similar functions as the EasyWakeup program, but our program is much cheaper than any of them (more than 10 times).

Save your space!

EasyWakeup is an app on your phone, so it doesn't take up space. Ideal for travel.

Get what you want!

People have used this app since November of 2008. And, 80% of the features we have added have been requested by our users. We listen to our customers, and we care about you. :)

Start your next morning with Good mood!

The phase of your sleep cycle in which you wake up and the quality of your sleep affects your mood for the entire day 

What others say

• It's easy to use, intuitive and a great improvement over the stock alarm app.—Filip, Boechout.

• Must have app for anyone who just likes to have a good day.—Jeremy, Iowa.

• Once you try it, you are going to wonder how you have gone without it.—iphoneappsfinder.com.

• Totally changed my life.—Jason, California.